Greetings, our fellow!


Welcome to the Official Website of the Black Mesa Server! If you are here, then you have become a part of our big and friendly community, a family, which is proudly called - The BMS Community!

The whole concept of the Black Mesa Server is based on a pure enthusiasm of the players of the Community of the Black Mesa Server. Nothing commercial, no profit, all about having fun!


We, as the Staff of the Black Mesa Server, know what a good gamesetup is and will constantly continue to improve the server! The Black Mesa Server is tweaked, optimized and configured according to what the majority wants and everyone can actively take part in shaping everything: general settings of the server, its mutators, its maps and etc.! All kinds of the feedback are welcome, are highly appreciated and will be, indeed, considered!


We will keep providing this server as long as you, guys, will support us and keep the server busy! Invite your friends, spread the word, let's bring back the spirit and have fun! We hope to see all of you around!


~ The BMS Staff ~